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Lawton Percussion has been providing the percussion industry with natural gourd guiros, shekeres & sound effects, for over ten years. MARU instruments are played by top percussionists worldwide, and all MARU natural gourd and bamboo instruments are made in the USA. 

Marla Lawton, a professional percussionist, started making gourd guiros, shekeres & sound effects for her own use, and still oversees each handmade instrument to insure it's quality. Providing not only excellent traditional guiros & shekeres, Lawton Percussion has developed many original instruments & accessories. The traditional Cuban style guiro, with thick lines, as well as the "Bossa" guiro, with thin lines, & it's wire comb scraper, come in many models. All include a padded stand, which is not only great on the gig for the percussionist, but also great for store display. The Pro guiros are available in custom colors upon request. The shekeres come in many models. The gourds selected for MARU shekeres are chosen for tone & shape. 

The original instruments by MARU are in demand! The natural gourd "Jangles" are used for performances & recording worldwide. The exotic sounds caught the ear of EMIL RICHARDS. He said, "MARU 'JANGLES' ARE GREAT!! I take them on every gig!" 

EVELYN GLENNIE has 2 "JANGLES" in her USA set of instruments and used them extensivly with the NY Philharmonic, & recently obtained 2 more!

The glass bead tail shekeres have a terrific sound . They can be played alone or in pairs like maracas or caxixis! The bamboo 'cricket' & 'frog' sound effect can also be played as a guiro for a unique sound! The MARU Hawiian IPUS are top quality. LAWTON PERCUSSION also distributes the excellent BANDA BROS. shekeres. 

Steel Drums & many more instruments are available from LAWTON PERCUSSION. See them at your favorite music store, or Email for a list of LAWTON PERCUSSION dealers in your area!

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